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About Ilandgigs

Ilandgigs is a company built to bring a much-needed service to our Caribbean event and entertainment industry. Our primary goal is to connect the best providers within the region, with clients of all sizes and types.

Entertainment has been one of the most successful exports from the Caribbean islands over the past fifteen years. However, many factors have influenced the sustainability of the event and entertainment industries in recent times, the largest of these being the pandemic. By creating a new way for persons to discover and hire service providers of all sizes, we hope by driving more demand, we can contribute to the development of a sustainable, viable industry for our providers, artists and creatives.

How it began

Technology has enabled the emergence of many new markets and improved services over the years. One of the major casualties of the pandemic, the event industry, was forced to pivot to leveraging new ways of connecting persons and simulating the moments we once shared face-to-face.

It was this situation that brought two friends together with an aim to impact this community.

Our Co-Founders, Akil Edwards and Dr. Karrian Hepburn Malcolm, have both been involved in various ways in the entertainment and event industry for many years. In 2016, Akil, a music producer, and singer who also leads the Digital unit at one of the region's top financial firms, built the first iteration of the platform.

Later meeting Karrian, CEO of the Caribbean's largest media group, the two decided to leverage their combined 30+ years of expertise in technology, marketing and business development to create new opportunities for Caribbean-based professionals in the event and entertainment industry.

A New Way Of Work

Our company envisions a new future for the Caribbean where people no longer shy away from jobs in the entertainment industry. A new culture where young adults are encouraged to follow their passion and explore and create new experiences for us all to share.


Our Vision

To be at the core of entertainment in the Caribbean.

Our Mission

To enable better a better future for our creatives by driving sustainable demand

Our Values

      • People-centric focus
      • Create an ethos of doing
      • Be a stimulant for industry growth