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How it works

How it works

Ilandgigs was developed to help persons and companies find the best talent in the Caribbean entertainment industry, quickly and easily. Here's what you can do on the platform:

      • Post gigs for service providers to bid on
      • Search service providers to find well-rated providers in the region
      • Manage your event or entertainment project
      • Ensuring safe payments for completed work

Getting started - For Persons Hiring Talent

      • If looking for a service provider, when signing up to the Ilandgigs platform, you must select "I want to hire". 
      • You would then select a subscription and post the gig you need done. 
      • The gig will be approved by our team and you will then receive bids or quotations for the gig.
      • You can then review the submissions received and select the one that best meets your requirements and budget. 

Getting started - For Service Providers

        • If you are a provider, when signing up to the Ilandgigs platform, you must select "I want to work". 
           You must set up two accounts if you want to be both a provider and hire persons for gigs
        • Select a subscription and search posted gigs to find opportunities that match your skills and experience.
        • For best results, complete your profile to leverage our skill matching AI, and be sure to add your portfolio.
        • If interested in a gig, submit a quotation or bid for the gig.
        • The hiring person or company will then review all bids and choose the best match for their gig.

    Managing projects

    Our platform allows users to create milestones for each gig or project. The milestone represents a stage of the project or timeframe that is agreed upon by the project owner and professional.

    When a hirer accepts a bid, the service provider is informed and the both parties will agree on a method of payment and the required milestones for the gig. These milestones allow providers to be paid at agreed upon stages of the gig in a timely fashion while providing some security to hiring persons that the work paid for will be delivered.

    We advise that gigs be managed using the platform in order for our team to provide support in any payment disputes.


    If you are a person or company looking for service providers, Ilandgigs is completely free to use.

    For service providers, we offer three main tiers:

    • Free - Get five (5) free bids per month
    • Standard - Get unlimited bids and access to the Ilandgigs Community
    • Pro (Coming Soon) - Become an Ilandgigs Pro - Our reviewed providers are featured and preferred by buyers, particularly for corporate gigs. This tier also comes with unlimited bids and access to the Ilandgigs Community.

    To post a job or project, providers must select a subscription. 

    Using our Secure Pay Service 

    Protect your payment with our Secure Pay service. For clients wishing to pay online, we provide a booking service whereby payment is secured and released only upon milestone or gig completion.

    What to expect?

    • Payments incur a 3% service fee to facilitate the booking and transfer of funds to the provider.
    • Payments to the provider are held for a 5-day security period before processing.
    • Payouts are processed twice per week
    • Once the payment is processed, it may take 3-5 days to be deposited to a providers account. 

      Note: For faster payouts, we recommend that providers create a WiPay account. 

    Contact us to learn more about Secure Pay today.